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Global Warming has taken a toll of the prevailing temperatures, especially in Urban areas. The outrage of the scorching heat takes reduces efficiency and saps one’s body. The need to have an efficient cooling system in our homes and workplaces become even more important. To combat the monstrosity of the heat waves, optimalisation of air conditioners (ACs) are vital. .


For a common Middle-Class family, data assimilation and evaluation is quite helpful in case of Are you someone who ponders over essential aspects before buying something? It is wise to make a comparative analysis to pick the best for you.


If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, it is crucial to consider certain factors to make your purchase worthwhile.


Things to Consider Before Buying an AC

To ease you with the hassles of searching for a good AC, we have listed some best factors to make the right choice.


  1. Capacity of the AC

Depending on the size of your room, you need to pick the right AC for you to leverage the cooling properties. The capacity of the AC is the foremost factor that you need to consider. Before buying an AC, look for the size, location, and the number of people in a room as it helps you decide the tonnage of the AC.

If your room holds the space within 140 sq. ft., 1 ton AC is good enough to maintain an optimal temperature. However, if your room is larger than 140-180 sq. ft., an AC of 2 tons serves the best for your room.

  1. Deciding on a Split or Window AC

For luxurious interiors, split AC gives an aesthetic appeal compared to a window AC. Window ACs are cost-effective and easier to install. Being most suitable for a single room, window ACs effectively cater to your comfort requirements.

Contrarily, the split ACs own two separate units; the indoor unit houses a blower, cooling coils, and air filter, while the outside unit has a compressor, the condenser coils, and capillary tubing. If you feel perturbed by the noise of AC, you can pick split AC. Moreover, they promote better air distribution with long-term sustainability.

  1. Quality of Air

If you spend most of your time indoors, the air quality is crucial to consider. An AC with a good filter refines the air quality and distributes improved air within your home or work premises.

Apart from cleaning the air reaching you, an AC with a good filter keeps the pathogens at bay. Resultantly, it boosts the energy efficiency of the air conditioners. To avoid humidity in your room, ensure to get an AC with a dehumidification unit as it promotes better comfort and cozy comfort. 

  1. AC Servicing and Ratings

Along with leveraging the cooling capacity of your AC, you must know about the energy consumption. Over time, due to some external factors, such as dust buildup or improper functioning of the AC, you have to service your AC. Regular AC servicing maintains the high performance of your AC and adds to its longevity.  


Coming on to the ‘Star Rating’ of the AC, based on the functioning and effectiveness of the air conditioners, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), an authorized government agency, validates the electricity consumption of electronic appliances. The BEE norms state that 4.5+ Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency (ISEER) qualifies the product for a 5-star rating. Ensure to check the ratings of the appliances to keep a check on electricity consumption.


Summing Up

Deciding on the right kind of AC can be a tedious task. If you want to ramp up the aesthetics of your interiors with a suitable AC, let the Team Colonelz guide you to picking the best AC for your comfort space. Our expert professionals understand your needs and provide quality assistance accordingly. We can help you transform your living and working space to give a rich and regal feel. 

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