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Make Your Homes Children Friendly


Make Your Homes Children Friendly

One of the better ways of keeping your child happy is to provide her with an aesthetically pleasing, engrossing, and amusing environment around her Their surroundings make colossal difference in the behavior of all living beings. Especially the Child’s room, should radiate positive vibes, which can happen with suitably designed interiors. If the room is designed keeping in mind the kid's needs, it would automatically help her align with the space positively. This in turn, helps develop her overall skills, and good behavioral traits, as also and cognitive abilities.

 In addition, designing the interiors of your child's room enables their imagination to run wild, enhancing her imagination power. They become confident and gain the ability to express their feelings and opinions boldly One can say that a child's room’s interior is quite important for her wellbeing. It helps in their overall growth and assist them in showcasing their creativity to the world.

 Your kid’s bedroom design can’t be just like any other room. It needs a different interior. However, one needs to think about her needs and plan accordingly.  Thinking of designing the interior of your kid’s room? Didn’t find any interesting ideas yet?

 To put you at ease, this write-up aims at sharing five great design ideas that one should consider while creating a unique space for their kids.

 Create Multifunctional Space: As a parent, designing a kid-friendly room is a real struggle as one needs to balance the functionality and style. There has to be some practicality in the interior of the rooms for your kids. The interior designer must emphasize creating a multipurpose room for your kids, suitable for studies, as also, for indoor activities and games.

Usually, a room for children is a space to study, rest, play, perform creative activities, and catch up with their friends. Being a parent, you should design the room so that it promotes creativity, makes her feel comfortable, helps energising her and above all, keeping her happy.   

Emphasis on Play: Try to include all those soft toys and things in the room that your kids will love. For example, you could include an indoor swing and add a whimsical house-frame bed to add extra fun to the room. You can also consider a chalkboard dresser that helps your kiddo keep her clothes organized well, by giving them labeling to their dresser drawers.

Incorporation of Beautiful Textures & Pattern: Searching on Pinterest to check what makes your kid’s room beautiful and eye-catching? The incorporation of textures & patterns will be another icing on the cake. Hurry up, reach out to Colonelz to create an astonishing interior for your kid’s room, that catches her imagination.  Giver a feeling of being on cloud nine.

Create A Kid-Friendly Work Area: To keep your kid's little hands and mind busy, it's better to create a kid-friendly work area. You can give them some space in the room where they can use colors and create something with their imagination. These small add on help make them strong physically and mentally. Isn't it great?

Create a Sharp Corner-Free Room: You must avoid keeping any sharp corners or edges in the room. This is crucial for their safety, and you must consider avoiding anything made of glass and choose round-cornered furniture. Always go for wooden surfaces for holding up to scratches and scuffs.

Key Takeaways

You can design your child's room’s interior by considering the points discussed. Your child will feel positive and confident with an organized living lifestyle. If you need personalized and customized interior suggestions for your child's room, reaching out to the Colonelz is the ultimate solution. Our designers are here to arm you with a few practical and stylish designs to help you provide your kids with a safe and practical hangout space.




Global Warming has taken a toll of the prevailing temperatures, especially in Urban areas. The outrage of the scorching heat takes reduces efficiency and saps one’s body. The need to have an efficient cooling system in our homes and workplaces become even more important. To combat the monstrosity of the heat waves, optimalisation of air conditioners (ACs) are vital. .


For a common Middle-Class family, data assimilation and evaluation is quite helpful in case of Are you someone who ponders over essential aspects before buying something? It is wise to make a comparative analysis to pick the best for you.


If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, it is crucial to consider certain factors to make your purchase worthwhile.


Things to Consider Before Buying an AC

To ease you with the hassles of searching for a good AC, we have listed some best factors to make the right choice.


  1. Capacity of the AC

Depending on the size of your room, you need to pick the right AC for you to leverage the cooling properties. The capacity of the AC is the foremost factor that you need to consider. Before buying an AC, look for the size, location, and the number of people in a room as it helps you decide the tonnage of the AC.

If your room holds the space within 140 sq. ft., 1 ton AC is good enough to maintain an optimal temperature. However, if your room is larger than 140-180 sq. ft., an AC of 2 tons serves the best for your room.

  1. Deciding on a Split or Window AC

For luxurious interiors, split AC gives an aesthetic appeal compared to a window AC. Window ACs are cost-effective and easier to install. Being most suitable for a single room, window ACs effectively cater to your comfort requirements.

Contrarily, the split ACs own two separate units; the indoor unit houses a blower, cooling coils, and air filter, while the outside unit has a compressor, the condenser coils, and capillary tubing. If you feel perturbed by the noise of AC, you can pick split AC. Moreover, they promote better air distribution with long-term sustainability.

  1. Quality of Air

If you spend most of your time indoors, the air quality is crucial to consider. An AC with a good filter refines the air quality and distributes improved air within your home or work premises.

Apart from cleaning the air reaching you, an AC with a good filter keeps the pathogens at bay. Resultantly, it boosts the energy efficiency of the air conditioners. To avoid humidity in your room, ensure to get an AC with a dehumidification unit as it promotes better comfort and cozy comfort. 

  1. AC Servicing and Ratings

Along with leveraging the cooling capacity of your AC, you must know about the energy consumption. Over time, due to some external factors, such as dust buildup or improper functioning of the AC, you have to service your AC. Regular AC servicing maintains the high performance of your AC and adds to its longevity.  


Coming on to the ‘Star Rating’ of the AC, based on the functioning and effectiveness of the air conditioners, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), an authorized government agency, validates the electricity consumption of electronic appliances. The BEE norms state that 4.5+ Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency (ISEER) qualifies the product for a 5-star rating. Ensure to check the ratings of the appliances to keep a check on electricity consumption.


Summing Up

Deciding on the right kind of AC can be a tedious task. If you want to ramp up the aesthetics of your interiors with a suitable AC, let the Team Colonelz guide you to picking the best AC for your comfort space. Our expert professionals understand your needs and provide quality assistance accordingly. We can help you transform your living and working space to give a rich and regal feel. 

Monday 16 May 2022

Wall Finishes for Home Renovation


Wall Finishes for Home Renovation  

Our house is what the Walls make of it. They are the most significant part of any space, they define your interiors. Walls are visible to guests as soon as they enter your space, and they directly impact the gleam and tone of the interiors. While upscaling the interior of your house, you should first change the appearance of the walls. There are ample wall finish options to recreate and upgrade the look of the walls to make your interior spaces lovable and awestruck. Let us have a look at some of these options below.

1. Lavishing Wall Coatings- If you want to make your interior space look luxurious, you may choose to renovate the walls with lavish wall coatings. Replace the regular finish coatings of walls with an expensive coating that gives a finer and luxurious texture. The outlook of interior walls depends on the perfect combination of pigment for fine colours, the quality of plastering and workmanship for giving a fine finish to the wall. To renovate the interiors with such luxury wall coatings, you need to hire professionals with skills to rejuvenate your walls’ appearance.


2. New Wall Paint- Wall paint is the most basic and easy-to-implement option for Indian homes. To upgrade the interior walls’ look, you should change the texture of the paint, the colour, and the quality of fluid. There are a plethora of varieties and options in colours available in the market to make your walls look more impressive. The choice of colour may vary as per the Vaastu principles, lighting, and budget. You can go for some attractive colours, which are budget-friendly and looks stunning too.

3. Wall Claddings- These are the panelling types that you need to choose and install in the walls to amplify the look of your interiors. There are various types of wall claddings like brick, fabric, stone, metal, and wood. Brick claddings are made up of authentic clay. Fabric cladding gives a fabulous look to your walls. Metal cladding is offbeat and looks rustic, and you may find multiple options in wood claddings. Stone claddings make the walls look pretty decorative and timeless.

4. Innovative wallpapers- These are some of the best ways to make the walls look lively. Wallpapers come in big rolls that can be stuck to the walls and offer myriads of colour options and patterns to match the diverse needs of people. They are coated with vinyl to make enhance their longevity and durability. However, the process of wallpapering the walls requires professional aid and therefore, always hire an experienced person.


Hope the above tips have helped you to understand the right way you can choose to change your interiors under the budget you have. So, go ahead with the option you have liked to transform the interiors according to your desires! At Colonelz, you can get the right interior renovation assistance from experienced professionals. For any query related to interior designing or renovation, you can reach us anytime. You can even get free assistance from our team of experts.



Vastu-friendly Modern Kitchen

Design a Vaastu-Friendly Modern Kitchen

Vaastu compliant Building enables your personal space to radiate positive energy and enhance peace & harmony. This in turn gives a fillip to your success and growth. One of the Vital parts of the house is The Kitchen. Food is an important ingredient of your daily life. This is one part of the House, which is not ignored a single day. e cooking area is the most vital and functional area of the house, providing nourishment to your family members. A kitchen, apart from looking ultra-chic and modern, should also be convenient to use daily and emit optimistic vibes. Little things such as placing certain appliances like stove, sink, and platform in a particular location can make a considerable difference. Hence, it is quintessential to get your kitchen designed by the Vaastu expert.

Benefits of Designing a Vaastu-friendly Kitchen

According to the Hindu religion, fire is auspicious. The kitchen is closely associated with fire, and hence designing it according to Vaastu is beneficial.

       It ensures financial stability and a perpetual cash inflow.

       A Vaastu-friendly kitchen ascertains positive vibes and the physical and mental well-being of the occupants of the house.

Thus, designing a Vaastu-friendly kitchen can bring success and happiness to your family. Position the appliances and build the kitchen, entrance, and storage spaces according to Vaastu to enjoy a peaceful life.

Steps for Designing a Vaastu-friendly Modernized Kitchen

Vaastu guidelines that are to be followed while designing a kitchen are as follows:

       If you have the privilege to decide the layout of your house, you should always aim for the south-eastern corner of your home since the fire element is the strongest here. This makes sure that the family remains financially sound and debt-free. In case the direction isn't available then the kitchen can be built in the northwest corner.


       The stove should be positioned such that it is in the south-eastern direction while the person cooking should be facing the east. The food cooked will be healthy and tasty.


       The entrance to the kitchen should preferably be in the east, north, or west and should preferably not be in any corner.


       The sink should be placed away from the stove since water and fire are opposing forces. North-east direction is best suited for placing sinks or taps.


       According to Vaastu, black is unpropitious for the kitchen, and you should use vibrant colours like red, green, and orange in the kitchen. It will not only make the kitchen Vaastu compliant but will also greatly improve the appearance.


       Drive out all the pessimism outside your kitchen by placing windows in the east direction. An exhaust system is a great way to propel all the negativity out.


       Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, mixers, ovens should always be placed in the southwest direction. The northeast direction is to be strictly avoided for placing electrical appliances.


       Storage units are an integral part of a modernized kitchen, and they should be built on the southern or western wall. You should refrain from storing grains in the cabinets attached to the northern and eastern-side walls.

These are some crucial points to consider while revamping your existing kitchen or designing a new one.


Why Pay Professionals?

Designing a Vaastu-friendly modernized kitchen is a difficult task to the uninitiated, even with google vastu consultants. Planning every nook & corner of the kitchen, ensuring that everything is rightly positioned isn’t easy. Our Professionals at Colonelz fit in with proper knowledge and immense experience.

At Colonelz, our team of designers are well versed with Vaastu guidelines and can carry out the task with skill and elan. We suggest remedies and alternatives enabling your kitchen to be filled with Positive Energy. We can design faultless interiors and deliver the desired result within the deadline at affordable rates. Besides taking care of the Vaastu tips, we also give a classy look to your kitchen.



Economically Smart Interior Design Ideas


Economically Smart Interior Design Ideas

 Converting your house into a beautifully decorated home, can be done without stretching financially. Often Money is the main constraint that keeps people from their dreams of having a splendid, breathtakingly beautiful house fructifying.

Nowadays, the demand for interior design is exponentially increasing in the market, and consequently, the interior design cost is surging like never before. Hiring a qualified interior designer who knows nitty gritty of bringing the interior designing cost within your budget without sacrificing aesthetically, or in quality is desired by all.

If you intend to limit your budget and then to have an aesthetically great home, read through the strategies listed below, to suitably align the cost of interior decoration.

Some Great Ways to Alleviate the Interior Design Cost 

1.      Replace Paint with Wallpapers for your walls

Even though paint is a popular go-to option for most Indian households, wallpapers often impart a better visual treat at a price that doesn't burden your pocket. Wallpapers give a gorgeous look to the room, catching the eyeballs, and offer the same visual as interior design on the wall.

2.      Use Metal Wall Art Decoration

Metal wall art or wall decor decoration has gained popularity in interior design as people cherish them in their homes. They are made from simple iron, copper, and wrought iron materials. Some metal wall decors come with glowing LEDs, and a few of them have timeless designs.


3.     Avoid Investing in Extravagant Light Fixture

The market is flushed with exquisite lighting options in various price range. You can always choose the one which suits your budget. One should prefer simple light fixtures rather than complicated ones, which are often expensive. Moreover, you can also go for coloured LED lights that give a vibrant look to your house while being cost effective. Doesn't it sound cool? Hire Colonelz as your interior designer today!! Our team has numerous more tips to save ample money on interior design without compromising on looks.

4.        Upgrading Furniture Upholstery

Well thought of upholstery gives a beautiful and elegant look to your house. Furniture tends to elevate the overall look of your interior if planned well. It’s advisable to purchase during the sales at an exclusive discount. During the festival seasons, you can get the best deal. Therefore, rather than purchasing the new furniture, it's better to change its upholstery only. Doesn't that sound like a super cost-effective notion?

5. Purchase wicker baskets for storage

A wicker basket is a budget-friendly storage option to keep the kitchen groceries, especially all dry and daily essentials. Buy spacious storage baskets rather than making several cabinets in the kitchen.

To Sum Up

We can demystify the critical hacks to mitigate the interior design expenses. If you have any interesting ideas, don't hesitate to share them. If you want personalized suggestions for your interior design project, contact Colonelz. We would love to help you deliver the perfect customized solution following your requirements.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Floors to Floor You - What Suits You?


Floors to Floor You - What Suits You?

Making or renovating a house or a commercial space is a long-drawn process, involving somewhat infinitude decisions. One of the multitudes of questions that perplex most to be homeowners / commercial space buyers, happens to be about the kind of flooring they need to settle for. The market is flooded with an overwhelming variety of options, which makes it even more difficult to choose the right flooring option for your space. In this Part, we shall be discussing the four most sought after flooring materials and their pros and cons so you can take a well-informed decision.

l  Tiles. Tiles are usually made with a mixture of clay, which is shaped, cured in a scorching kiln, and finally glazed to impart shine and a protective layer. They are usually of two common types, namely, ceramic and porcelain. Porcelain happens to be the more durable one as it is made out of more refined clay and baked at a higher temperature. But, ceramic, on the other hand, is more budget-friendly and lighter in weight, making it suitable option for walls. Which one suits you more? Let’s deal with it.

n   Points to ponder:

Ø  As one would have experienced in day-to-day life, mmaintenance is effortless when it comes to tiles, and there is no fear of staining the floor, all because of the liquid glass glaze on the tiles. All one needs is a damp mop to clean up any accidental spills or the regular mess. 

Ø  They can withstand harsh weather conditions and fluctuations. Mostly they don’t lose colour easily.

Ø  They are available in a wide range of colours, textures, designs, styles, and sizes.

Ø  They are one of the most affordable option in this list.

Ø  Owing to their supreme hardness, tiles can turn out to be quite brittle and develop cracks if a very heavy object is dropped on it from a height.


l  Marble. Marble is a natural metamorphic rock formed naturally by subjecting limestone to immense heat and pressure of the earth. The natural beauty is now used extensively in the construction business for flooring.

n  An analysis:

Ø  Marble instantly imparts a sense of opulence and elegant style when used for flooring.

Ø  It can be polished to achieve an unrivalled gleam and sheen on the natural stone, which can light up the entire space. Moreover, whenever one feels the beauty of their flooring has dampened over time, they can revive its former beauty with rubbing and polishing.

Ø  They are very good conductors of heat and are conducive to the installation of the heating system underneath them in chilly climates.

Ø  They are very environment friendly.

Ø  Good quality marble is costly.

Ø  They are fragile and may develop cracks over a period of usage & dark lines could be seen in the crevices.

Ø  Marble is porous in nature, thus, making it susceptible to stains.


l  Hardwood. Hardwood flooring gives a very cosy yet modern vibe to the home and is appreciated for its beauty all over the world.  

n  Why & why not:

Ø  They are highly durable and can last beautifully over decades, with proper maintenance.

Ø  Abundant variety of natural textures and colours are available to fit your preference. They can even be stained to achieve a different hue in the future.

Ø  They can be refurbished and polished easily to pretty them up after continuous use.

Ø  Wood is biodegradable.

Ø  They do not go well with moisture and in the areas with high humidity.

Ø  They are the most expensive option on this list.

Ø  They need some Tender Loving Care regularly, ie, high on maintenance.

The climatic and weather conditions are instrumental in deciding our flooring options to a great deal. In Scandinavian or Siberian region any floor which gives a psychological warm feeling may be more suitable; wooden / carpet flooring could be a preferred option. In Sub Saharan deserts or Middle East, marble or stone may be preferred. There are many other options, which your designer may guide you to use. We shall soon be covering other options.