Friday 17 June 2022

Make Your Homes Children Friendly


Make Your Homes Children Friendly

One of the better ways of keeping your child happy is to provide her with an aesthetically pleasing, engrossing, and amusing environment around her Their surroundings make colossal difference in the behavior of all living beings. Especially the Child’s room, should radiate positive vibes, which can happen with suitably designed interiors. If the room is designed keeping in mind the kid's needs, it would automatically help her align with the space positively. This in turn, helps develop her overall skills, and good behavioral traits, as also and cognitive abilities.

 In addition, designing the interiors of your child's room enables their imagination to run wild, enhancing her imagination power. They become confident and gain the ability to express their feelings and opinions boldly One can say that a child's room’s interior is quite important for her wellbeing. It helps in their overall growth and assist them in showcasing their creativity to the world.

 Your kid’s bedroom design can’t be just like any other room. It needs a different interior. However, one needs to think about her needs and plan accordingly.  Thinking of designing the interior of your kid’s room? Didn’t find any interesting ideas yet?

 To put you at ease, this write-up aims at sharing five great design ideas that one should consider while creating a unique space for their kids.

 Create Multifunctional Space: As a parent, designing a kid-friendly room is a real struggle as one needs to balance the functionality and style. There has to be some practicality in the interior of the rooms for your kids. The interior designer must emphasize creating a multipurpose room for your kids, suitable for studies, as also, for indoor activities and games.

Usually, a room for children is a space to study, rest, play, perform creative activities, and catch up with their friends. Being a parent, you should design the room so that it promotes creativity, makes her feel comfortable, helps energising her and above all, keeping her happy.   

Emphasis on Play: Try to include all those soft toys and things in the room that your kids will love. For example, you could include an indoor swing and add a whimsical house-frame bed to add extra fun to the room. You can also consider a chalkboard dresser that helps your kiddo keep her clothes organized well, by giving them labeling to their dresser drawers.

Incorporation of Beautiful Textures & Pattern: Searching on Pinterest to check what makes your kid’s room beautiful and eye-catching? The incorporation of textures & patterns will be another icing on the cake. Hurry up, reach out to Colonelz to create an astonishing interior for your kid’s room, that catches her imagination.  Giver a feeling of being on cloud nine.

Create A Kid-Friendly Work Area: To keep your kid's little hands and mind busy, it's better to create a kid-friendly work area. You can give them some space in the room where they can use colors and create something with their imagination. These small add on help make them strong physically and mentally. Isn't it great?

Create a Sharp Corner-Free Room: You must avoid keeping any sharp corners or edges in the room. This is crucial for their safety, and you must consider avoiding anything made of glass and choose round-cornered furniture. Always go for wooden surfaces for holding up to scratches and scuffs.

Key Takeaways

You can design your child's room’s interior by considering the points discussed. Your child will feel positive and confident with an organized living lifestyle. If you need personalized and customized interior suggestions for your child's room, reaching out to the Colonelz is the ultimate solution. Our designers are here to arm you with a few practical and stylish designs to help you provide your kids with a safe and practical hangout space.

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