Monday 16 May 2022

Wall Finishes for Home Renovation


Wall Finishes for Home Renovation  

Our house is what the Walls make of it. They are the most significant part of any space, they define your interiors. Walls are visible to guests as soon as they enter your space, and they directly impact the gleam and tone of the interiors. While upscaling the interior of your house, you should first change the appearance of the walls. There are ample wall finish options to recreate and upgrade the look of the walls to make your interior spaces lovable and awestruck. Let us have a look at some of these options below.

1. Lavishing Wall Coatings- If you want to make your interior space look luxurious, you may choose to renovate the walls with lavish wall coatings. Replace the regular finish coatings of walls with an expensive coating that gives a finer and luxurious texture. The outlook of interior walls depends on the perfect combination of pigment for fine colours, the quality of plastering and workmanship for giving a fine finish to the wall. To renovate the interiors with such luxury wall coatings, you need to hire professionals with skills to rejuvenate your walls’ appearance.


2. New Wall Paint- Wall paint is the most basic and easy-to-implement option for Indian homes. To upgrade the interior walls’ look, you should change the texture of the paint, the colour, and the quality of fluid. There are a plethora of varieties and options in colours available in the market to make your walls look more impressive. The choice of colour may vary as per the Vaastu principles, lighting, and budget. You can go for some attractive colours, which are budget-friendly and looks stunning too.

3. Wall Claddings- These are the panelling types that you need to choose and install in the walls to amplify the look of your interiors. There are various types of wall claddings like brick, fabric, stone, metal, and wood. Brick claddings are made up of authentic clay. Fabric cladding gives a fabulous look to your walls. Metal cladding is offbeat and looks rustic, and you may find multiple options in wood claddings. Stone claddings make the walls look pretty decorative and timeless.

4. Innovative wallpapers- These are some of the best ways to make the walls look lively. Wallpapers come in big rolls that can be stuck to the walls and offer myriads of colour options and patterns to match the diverse needs of people. They are coated with vinyl to make enhance their longevity and durability. However, the process of wallpapering the walls requires professional aid and therefore, always hire an experienced person.


Hope the above tips have helped you to understand the right way you can choose to change your interiors under the budget you have. So, go ahead with the option you have liked to transform the interiors according to your desires! At Colonelz, you can get the right interior renovation assistance from experienced professionals. For any query related to interior designing or renovation, you can reach us anytime. You can even get free assistance from our team of experts.



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