Tuesday 30 November 2021

Floors to Floor You - What Suits You?


Floors to Floor You - What Suits You?

Making or renovating a house or a commercial space is a long-drawn process, involving somewhat infinitude decisions. One of the multitudes of questions that perplex most to be homeowners / commercial space buyers, happens to be about the kind of flooring they need to settle for. The market is flooded with an overwhelming variety of options, which makes it even more difficult to choose the right flooring option for your space. In this Part, we shall be discussing the four most sought after flooring materials and their pros and cons so you can take a well-informed decision.

l  Tiles. Tiles are usually made with a mixture of clay, which is shaped, cured in a scorching kiln, and finally glazed to impart shine and a protective layer. They are usually of two common types, namely, ceramic and porcelain. Porcelain happens to be the more durable one as it is made out of more refined clay and baked at a higher temperature. But, ceramic, on the other hand, is more budget-friendly and lighter in weight, making it suitable option for walls. Which one suits you more? Let’s deal with it.

n   Points to ponder:

Ø  As one would have experienced in day-to-day life, mmaintenance is effortless when it comes to tiles, and there is no fear of staining the floor, all because of the liquid glass glaze on the tiles. All one needs is a damp mop to clean up any accidental spills or the regular mess. 

Ø  They can withstand harsh weather conditions and fluctuations. Mostly they don’t lose colour easily.

Ø  They are available in a wide range of colours, textures, designs, styles, and sizes.

Ø  They are one of the most affordable option in this list.

Ø  Owing to their supreme hardness, tiles can turn out to be quite brittle and develop cracks if a very heavy object is dropped on it from a height.


l  Marble. Marble is a natural metamorphic rock formed naturally by subjecting limestone to immense heat and pressure of the earth. The natural beauty is now used extensively in the construction business for flooring.

n  An analysis:

Ø  Marble instantly imparts a sense of opulence and elegant style when used for flooring.

Ø  It can be polished to achieve an unrivalled gleam and sheen on the natural stone, which can light up the entire space. Moreover, whenever one feels the beauty of their flooring has dampened over time, they can revive its former beauty with rubbing and polishing.

Ø  They are very good conductors of heat and are conducive to the installation of the heating system underneath them in chilly climates.

Ø  They are very environment friendly.

Ø  Good quality marble is costly.

Ø  They are fragile and may develop cracks over a period of usage & dark lines could be seen in the crevices.

Ø  Marble is porous in nature, thus, making it susceptible to stains.


l  Hardwood. Hardwood flooring gives a very cosy yet modern vibe to the home and is appreciated for its beauty all over the world.  

n  Why & why not:

Ø  They are highly durable and can last beautifully over decades, with proper maintenance.

Ø  Abundant variety of natural textures and colours are available to fit your preference. They can even be stained to achieve a different hue in the future.

Ø  They can be refurbished and polished easily to pretty them up after continuous use.

Ø  Wood is biodegradable.

Ø  They do not go well with moisture and in the areas with high humidity.

Ø  They are the most expensive option on this list.

Ø  They need some Tender Loving Care regularly, ie, high on maintenance.

The climatic and weather conditions are instrumental in deciding our flooring options to a great deal. In Scandinavian or Siberian region any floor which gives a psychological warm feeling may be more suitable; wooden / carpet flooring could be a preferred option. In Sub Saharan deserts or Middle East, marble or stone may be preferred. There are many other options, which your designer may guide you to use. We shall soon be covering other options.



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