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Planning to Make a House? Guidelines - Part I (by

Planning to Make a House? Guidelines -  Part I (by
In the era of Flat / Apartment living, not many go for own house construction. However, some of us still prefer Independent houses, if affordable. It is also a suitable option when friends / family want to have a common building as home. Major advantages of making ones’ own house are:
·         The cost incurred is at least 20- 25 % less, compared to buying any type of residence.
·         The design & material is as per your liking.
·         You can space the construction as per your funding state.
·         Obviously, you would be confident about the quality of material used.
·         You get to decide who your neighbors are.
·         There is NO unending wait for Possession, as is the norm today, w.r.t. Builders.
For most of us, making a house for ourselves, generally is a once in a life experience. There are many stages of construction, which could be as follows:
·         Planning Stage, which includes:
o   Plot selection.
o   Selection of Architect.
o   Time plan, from planning stage to finishing.
o   Listing of needs one wants in the house:
§  Basement, wanted or not.
§  Stilt for Parking? Or drive way?
§  No of bedrooms.
§  Should bedrooms have dressers, or bedroom should have large wardrobes.
§  No of toilets & do you need a Powder Room?
§  Common Drawing Dining room or separate.
§  Do you want Living room?
§  Verandahs, Open Area & Balconies.
§  Service balcony requirements.
§  Store / Pooja room
§  Location for Housekeeping Necessities - Washing Machine, Dish Washer, Vacuum Cleaner and more.
§  Servant Quarter.
§  Lawn / kitchen garden.
§  AC type to be used, i.e., Central, VRV, Cassette, Split or Window.
o   Financial Planning.
§  Rough cost of construction varies from 1500 to 4000/ per sft, including furnishing. Normally, a decent middle class house works out to be around INR 2000 to 2200/ per sft, all inclusive.
§  Plan to Start with Roughly 20 % of the Budget.
§  Plan for about 20 % every 4-6 months.
§  Overall Cost incurred on civil work & furnishing is generally similar, ie, 45-55% each.
§  Cost of making basement is similar to the floors, as it mandates Water Proofing, as also has 3 walls, one in RCC & 2 in brick, on either side of RCC.
§  Larger the Built up Area, cheaper is the average cost per sft.
§  Break in Construction work, increases cost.
§  Delay in funding would also lead to cost escalation.
o   Documentation & Approvals
§  All Municipalities or Urban Development Authorities have certain Rules and Regulations which one has to abide with. Front & Rear Set-backs to be left, side lane to be left, max & min height from Road level, etc are some inputs which are important. Ignorance may prove costly and cause hassles at a later time.
§  Some Important documents which you need to have are – Conveyance Deed for plot; Possession Letter from Society; Plot Boundaries details (eg, to North – 12 Mtr road, to South, Plot No x, etc); Sale Deed & Chain of Buyers & Sellers.
§  Bank Loan approval, if funding is required.
§  Approvals for Temporary Electrical, Water & Sewage Connection.
§  Rules for Rain Water Harvesting.
§  Is Solar Lighting Compulsory & whether Govt offers any subsidy on it.
§  Go through the Rules. Generally these are available On Line. In case it isn’t, get a Copy of the latest rules.
§  Approvals are many. Some of them are:
·         Plot, Measurement, Alignment & Marking on Ground by Authorities.
·         Building Plan Approval. It is very important to Freeze your Plans before submitting for Building Plans Approval.  Minor modifications are penalized in Compoundable manner, however, any Violation if not compoundable, would cause headache for you. Use a qualified architect for the same.
·         DPC approval i.e., when the construction work reaches Ground Level.
·          Approval on Completion of Building.
·         Approval from PHC (Health Deptt) & other Govt agencies, as required by the local laws.

To be continued in Part II………………………………..

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